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A sponsorship Business Manager can easily manipulate the marketing trend needed to boost and close leads. An individual that can cater to both client and customer satisfactory needs with minimal supervision. Can easily create marketing campaigns, plans, and social structures that meet business objectives.


  • Competitive hourly rate plus bonuses
  • Full time
  • Work Stability, work-life balance
  • A company you can truly grow with
  • Personal and professional development training
  • Work from home opportunity


  • A Reliable, wired internet connection with 10mbps or higher
  • Screenshot of your speed test and computer specs
  • Computer Processor with 1.8Ghz or Higher
  • USB noise cancelling controlled headset
  • Quit workspace
  • With at least 6 months work from home experience to detail


  • Sponsor prospecting
  • Looking for brand sponsors
  • Proposal customization
  • Presentation
  • Contract revision
  • Servicing
  • Sponsor Follow-up
  • Support


We need the following requirements below for us to proceed with the screening stage of your application kindly include and attach them to the email with a subject line of ” APPLICANT – (Position)” and send them over to

  1. Skype ID and 2 Character References (On the body of the email)
  2. Recording (Tell me something about yourself and experience with the role)
  3. Recording of the script below
  4. Please complete the DISC profile test at
  5. Attach your Resume and Portfolio


“Hello {Lead}, This is {Name} Client Care for the Business Team. How are you?

We are calling in regards to the advertisement we saw that showcases your business in the Real Estate industry. Are you planning on expanding and building your network? Do you already have a marketing company that will assist in lead generation and closing of deals you have with other clients? Are you listed with or have you partnered with other companies or agencies?

Rest assured that with Client Care the leads you have generated will be taken care of and should all else fail, we have database that can be utilized to meet the need. We even offer Real-estate coaching and customer relationship management tools on hand. We will also go over business details through bi-weekly emails and calls just to let you know where we at and how many deals have been closed.

Our lines are open and will be in constant communication with you once you have chosen to partner with us. We guarantee that the updates and data provided is transparent and will showcase both highlights and lowlights that we can work on together.

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